Clevedon Buffalo moves into the black

Clevedon Buffalo owners Helen and Richard Dorresteyn produce buffalo milk and create products ranging from cheeses, yoghurts, and spreadable dairy products which are sold and cold-freight transported to 170 retailers nationwide. 

Clevedon Buffalo is looking to expand their business and look for a more permanent farm that allows them to achieve this. 

Soon to be released are two buffalo yoghurt varieties featuring New Zealand preserved fruit, and a ‘blue room’ has been established for a blue buffalo cheese to be established once it has been perfected. 

The Dorresteyn’s tested out exporting their products to Australia back in 2014, however they decided that there were too many difficulties exporting the perishable goods. 

Many globally exported perishable products are frozen when they make their trips around the world, however, Clevedon Buffalo are not comfortable losing the quality of their products by doing this. 

Packit has produced the containers used for the Clevedon Buffalo products. Their In Mould Labels help to keep the products hygienic and keep costs low as they are shipped all throughout New Zealand. 


Packit news item image

Clevedon Buffalo have been recognised for their Salted Curd and Lemon Zest Yoghurt back in May 2021 at the New Zeland Champions of Cheese Awards.